James Gordon Williams is an American composer, improviser, pianist and critical musicologist. An accomplished pianist and composer, Jazz Improv Magazine's Winthrop Bedford has stated, "James Gordon Williams is nothing less than an accomplished, impressively creative pianist and composer, with great depth and substance." All About Jazz writer Rusty Aceves stated, "Williams’s writing is marked by intensely lyrical and evocative melodic elements which are sometimes staggered with pointed chordal syncopations, adding depth, dimension, and a feeling of seeming serenity against constant motion." Williams improvised live music for the world premier of artist Cauleen Smith’s “Crow Requiem” at Everson Museum under the theme Speculations: Science Fiction, Chronopolitics, & Social Change. Los Angeles native Williams has performed at music festivals in the United States, Malta, Switzerland, France, Italy and many of the well-known musical venues in the United States. A Yale Bouchet Scholar, Williams was a member of legendary drummer Charli Persips' Supersound big band for several years. Williams has also performed with Association Advancement Creative Music (AACM) members Joseph Jarman and George E. Lewis, bassist Mark Dresser, Anthony Curtis Davis, Greg Osby, Kendrick Scott, Miles Griffith, Peter Sprague, Peter Erksine, Warren Smith, and Geechee Gullah musician David Pleasant. Williams is an alumnus of New England Conservatory of Music, New York University, and UC San Diego. Williams is Assistant Professor of Music in the Department of African American Studies at Syracuse University.

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